Wireless / Mobile

Wireless / Mobile

Accepting wireless payments means your business knows no bounds. With ClearPay’s wireless payment solutions, you can conduct business conveniently and securely from just about anywhere!

Wireless credit card processing is perfect for anyone who conducts business beyond a storefront or a computer. If you’re on the go and looking for a great way to help your clients or customers pay you, wireless credit card processing is the way to go.

Wherever you conduct business, be it a customer’s home, in a client’s office, at a trade show or art fair, accepting credit card payments via a wireless terminal from ClearPay is a hassle-free way to keep your customers happy and your revenues flowing.

Wireless credit card processing terminals from ClearPay are all PCI compliant and offer sophisticated encryption technology, which means you can accept wireless payments without worries. Plus, we offer hightly competitive processing rates.

Wireless is not just for businesses on the go. Many merchants who are stationary choose wireless payment solutions in order to move their checkout location to anywhere in the store – this avoids being tied to a landline or power supply. Or restaurants can have pay-at-the-table processing or curbside options for take-out customers. It’s convenient and installation is quick. We can have you up and running within 48 hours.

With ClearPay’s wireless merchant services, you can

    • Accept all major credit cards
    • Receive near immediate authorizations
    • Enjoy the low rates with the most secure transactions
    • Access the GPRS wireless network, the most reliable network available in the U.S.
    • Utilize “Store and Forward” capability which allows you to “swipe” transactions in areas with poor coverage and process later
    • Include tips or tolls and also link transactions to specific customers
    • Choose from one of the industry’s largest selection of free wireless credit card terminals

Plus, whatever your wireless card processing needs, we have the experience and resources to provide industry-leading support and service.

ClearPay believes in helping American business prosper and we would be proud to partner with you to take your profits to the next level!

Swiped vs. Keyed-in

Keying in credit card information results in a higher processing rate. Having a wireless terminal to swipe cards will significantly lower your processing costs.

What Makes Us Different?

ClearPay knows that every merchant account is different, which is why we provide credit card processing solutions that can be tailored for any business type.

Get the Capital you Need!

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