Terminal FAQ

Terminal FAQ

1.How do I implement the manual sale process?
1. Select (F2). Sale screen will display.
2. Swipe or enter account number.
3. Type in credit card number and press enter. Expiration date will display next.
4. Type in the expiration date MM/YY.
5. Press “Enter.”
6. “Card present. yes or no?”
7. Press “No” (F2).
8. Imprint card or press “Enter” key on terminal.
9. Type in amount of sale.
10. Press “Enter.” (At this point you may be prompted for the address)
11. Type in street number. (Example: 1234)
12. Press “Enter.”
13. Type in Zip Code.
14. Press “Enter.” Terminal will begin to process sale.

Note: If you do not have the address or Zip Code, those steps can be bypassed by pressing the “Enter” button.

1. Screen says “Swipe Customer Card.”
2. Type in credit card number.
3. Press “Enter.”
4. Type in the expiration date. (MM/YY)
5. Press “Enter.”
6. “Take imprint of Card” will display. Press “Enter” to bypass.
7. “Card Present” will display. Press the “No” key. (Same as yellow clear key)
8. “Amount” will display. Type in sale amount and then press enter.
9. “Address” will display. Type in address number (Example: 1234) and press “Enter.” (If address is not available, press enter to bypass)
10. “Zip Code.” will display. Type in Zip Code and press “Enter.” (If Zip Code is not available, press enter to bypass)

1. Screen reads “Credit, Sale, Account.”
2. Type in credit card number and press enter.
3. Expiration Date, type in MM/YY from card.
4. Screen reads “Card Present.”
5. Press “No” (Menu).
6. Screen reads “Amount.”
7. Type sales amount and then press “Enter.”
8. Screen reads, “Address”
9. Type in house number (Example: 1234) or press “Enter” to bypass.
10. Screen reads “Zip Code.”
11. Type in Zip Code or press “Enter” to bypass.
12. Screen should read “Processing.”

2.How do I utilize the refund process?
Press refund key and follow prompts on screen. (Note: Refunds can be done any time even weeks or months later)

1. Press Refund (F3)
2. Swipe or enter account number of card. (Note: Refunds can be done any time even weeks or months later)

VeriFone/Nurit 2085
1. Press “Refund/Return” key.
2. Swipe or enter account number. (Note: Refunds can be done any time even weeks or months later)

VeriFone/Nurit 8000/8020
Press the up arrow key until “Credit… Account Return” is on screen.
Swipe or enter account number. (Note: Refunds can be done any time even weeks or months later)

3.How do I utilize the void process?
1. Voids can only be done if sale to be voided is in current batch.
2. Voiding the first sale of a batch will cause issues settling later.

1. Press the void key and enter the invoice number found on the original sales receipt.
2. Press the enter key. Some models may require you to press enter to confirm.

1. Select Void. (F4 on some models) Last transaction will be displayed.
2. To void the last transaction, press Yes (F1) or Press No (F2) if selection is not last
3. Account, Invoice and Amount will be displayed.
4. Select your preferred method of retrieval. (Note: Invoice from original receipt will be needed if invoice option is selected)

VeriFone/Nurit (2085 or similar)
Press the void key and follow the prompts on screen.

VeriFone>Nurit (8000/8020)
1. Press the up arrow four times.
2. Swipe or enter the account number and follow the prompts on screen.

4.What do I do if the Comm Server Failed?
First, restart terminal. If this step fails, try the following:

1. Unplug router and modem and terminal. Wait 2 minutes.
2. Reconnect router and modem and wait for lights.
3. Plug in terminal.
4. Check Internet port on machine and look for flashing yellow light.
5. If above fails to yield results, change Ethernet cord.
6. Make sure port 443 is open on router. See router instructions or contact ISP.
7. If you still have issues, call Terminal Support at 1-800-BANCARD for change of Primary Authorization/Settle IP Addresses.

5.What do I do if the Settlement Failed / INV Balance?
1. Reboot terminal. (If still failed)
2. Contact Terminal Support at 1-800-BANCARD.

6.My Omni terminal has a “Comm Error.” What do I do?
1. Check phone for dial tone . . . also check phone cord from wall to terminal, making
sure both are both securely plugged in.
2. Restart terminal.
3. Enable blind dial: from sales screen, press the purple “More” key twice.
4. Select “Other Setup.” Enter your password if prompted. (Default password is 0000)
5. Press the purple “More” key once.
6. Select Comm (F4). Screen will display 1/7.
7. Press Select (F3).
8. Press purple “More” key until “Blind Dial” is displayed.
9. Press Edit (F3) Select On (F1). Press Exit (F4).
10. Press OK to save changes (F2).
11. Press red “Cancel” key until sales screen is displayed.

7.I have no host connection, dialing primary/secondary
1. Make sure line is analog type. (Most digital lines do not fully support data transfer)
2. Check phone cord connection between wall and terminal.
3. Remove splitter if applicable.
4. Change phone cord.
5. If DSL is present, make sure a DSL filter is plugged into wall jack.
6. Have line checked by the phone company.

8.What do I do if the IP connection failed? (VeriFone/Omni)
1. From sales screen, press the Number 6.
2. Enter password. (Default password is 0000)
3. Press the purple “More” key until “IP HOST” is displayed.
4. Press “Next” key (F2) until screen displays 3/3.
5. Press Select (F3). (Screen should display Primary Authorization URL3)
6. Press Edit (F3).
7. Type in (Note: To create a period on screen, press the number 1
and the black “Alpha” key three times)
8. Press the green “Enter” key.
9. Press Next (F2) until Primary is displayed.
10. Press Edit (F3).
11. Type
12. Press Enter.
13. Select Exit (F4).
14. Press red “Cancel” key until back to sales screen.

Note: You may use these URLS:

9.My display says “Waiting”… What do I do if the IP connection failed? (VeriFone/Omni)
1. Move equipment closer to a window. (Note: Tall buildings, Radio towers, microwaves, satellite dishes can interfere with signal in your area)
2. Power down terminal.
3. Take sim card out of terminal then put it back in.
4. Restart application: Press menu until “Credit . . . Sale . . . Account” is displayed.
5. Press Menu once more.
6. Enter Password (Default DDMM or MMDDYYYY)
7. Press the number 9 NOS Menu.
8. Press the number 4.
9. Restart application . . . terminal will display current date and time.
10. Press Menu.
11. Terminal will load GPRS provider.
12. Select “Manual” at prompt or “Default or Manual.”
12. Type V1.GLOBALM2M.NET.
13. Press Enter. (If prompted for user name or password, press enter to bypass)

If these steps fail to allow you to connect wirelessly, contact Terminal Support at (800) 226-2273 x1200
for further troubleshooting.

10.Card is swiped, yet nothing happens. The display reads: Credit/Debit…Comm Server. How do I correct?
1. Press the key next to Credit/Debit F2.
2. If previous step doesn’t help, press the key next to F3.

11.The display reads: PIC UP…what does this mean?
“PIC UP” is a form of decline that can be caused by a lost or stolen card. Another form of payment will be required.

12.The display reads: Call ND…what does this mean?
Voice Approval is required for the current card. Call 1-800-944-1111 and supply merchant information to automated system.

Once approved, write down approve code and process “Offline Sale” (Hypercom) or “Force Sale.” (Omni/Vx/Nurit)

13.The display reads: AP DUP…what does this mean?
This stands for ”Approval Duplication.” This is a security measure that assures a transaction is not run twice for the same amount. If you receive this message, contact Terminal Support at 1-800-BANCARD to verify if transaction has ran. In most cases, the transaction may have run, but dropped the connection on its way back to your terminal. If this happens, the terminal will not produce a receipt.

14.The display reads: Lost Carrier…what does this mean?
This means the phone connection has dropped. Retry transaction. If still receiving issue, Check to see if line is in use. If it is not, try a different phone cord.

15.What is the “Force” mode on your quick reference card? What is different from the “Sale” mode?
Force is a type of transaction that allows you to process/re-process a sale that has a pending approval code.

There are also times when a sale requires an approval from the voice authorization number (Message: Call ND or Authorization Needed). In this instance once you received an approval code from the voice authorization number you would use the Force option to complete the sale.

16.How do I change the time and date on my Hypercom terminal?

1.Press the blue “Function” key.
2.Type 10, then press Enter.
3.Enter password: 0000.
4.Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press “Enter.”
5.Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press “Enter.”

17.How do I change the time and date on my Vx510, Vx570, (Omni 3750, 3730/LE & 3740) terminal?

1.From sales screen, press the purple “More” key twice.
2.Select “Other Setup.” If prompted, type in your password. (Default password is 0000)
3.Press the purple “More” key until “Date & Time” are located.
4.Select “Date & Time.”
5.Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press “Enter.”
6.Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press “Enter.”
7.Press the red “Cancel” key three times.
Rating: +0

18.How do I change the time and date on my VX670 terminal?

1.From sales screen, press the green “Enter” key.
2.Select “Setup.”
3.Type in your password. (Default password is 0000)
4.Press the purple “More” key until “Date & Time” are located.
5.Select “Date & Time.”
6.Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press “Enter.”
7.Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press “Enter.”
8.Press the red “Cancel” key three times.

19.how to batch out . lost power last night .hypercom
The screen should read Swipe Customer Card
Press the Settlement Key (Also known as the letter E)
Enter your password (default 0000)
Press Enter to confirm your Refund Amounts.
Press Enter to confirm your Sales Amounts.
The dialing process will begin
The terminal will print a Settlement Report.

20.How do I change the time and date on my VeriFone/Nurit terminal?

1.Press the Menu/Esc key.
2.Enter your password, if prompted. (Default password is 0000)
3.From the menu screen, press the number 5. (System Options)
4.Date and Time will appear as the first option. Press Enter.
5.Type in the date. (MM/DD/YYYY) Press “Enter.”
6.Type in the time. (HH:MM:SS – Note: use Military time) Press “Enter.”
7.Press Menu/Esc twice or until screen displays “Credit, Sale, Account.”
Rating: +0

21.How do we batch out? We need the steps to follow for the terminal daily batch out. We have the VX510 terminal.
The screen should read: Sale, Refund, Void or Sale, Check, Settlement

If you screen reads Sale, Check, Settlement
Select settlement with the aligning F-Key and see the steps below.

If your screen reads: Sale, Refund, Void
Press the Purple More Key (far left purple key)
Settlement should be your first option.
Press the F-Key that aligns with Settlement.

Once pressed your terminal will display your refund and sales totals.
Press enter to confirm the amounts.
The terminal will start to process the settlement.
At the end of the settlement the terminal will print you a settlement report.
The report should read Settlement Successful at the bottom.

22.How do I enter Canadian Zip Codes when processing a credit card payment.
To enter a foreign zip code:

Press the number key that correlates with the letter you require (IE: B is located on the number 2 Key)
After pressing the number key use the Alpha key to change it into a letter (IE: 2, Alpha, Alpha, B will appear)

23.My verifone omni 3750 is saying “host select err” what can I do to fix this ?
To fix Host Select Error you are able to unplug the terminal for 10 seconds and plug it back in.


Contact terminal support to have your download file update. Once the file is updated a full group 2 download can be preformed. Once successfully completed you will no longer receive the Host Select Error.

24.how do i change the address on receipt of my nurit 8020
The first step is to speak with Customer Care at 1-800-226-2273 ext 1300. They will send you information for your address change in order to update our systems with your new address. After this has been completed you can update your address through your machine.

Address Update Instructions (Nurit 8020):

Press Menu
Enter your password (DD/MM/YYYY)
Press Enter

The screen should display the menu.
Press the number Two for Merchant Parameters.
Press the number Three for Edit Header.

From this point you will have to clear out the old address with the clear button.
Once complete you may begin typing in the new address.
This will require you to use the Alpha Key or on screen keyboard.

When using the Alpha Key you will have to press the number of the letter you want to type
Then the Alpha Key a number of times depending on which letter you’d like to type.
-EX: To type a B you will have to press the number two and then the press the Alpha Key Twice.

Once complete press Enter.
Use the Menu Key to Escape back to the main sales screen.

25.I’m no longer using my terminal equipment and would like to return it. Where should I send it? Thank you.
You should call terminal support for an RMA#

Once you have your RMA# write it on your return box.

Ship it to: North American Bancard, 250 Stephenson Hwy, Troy MI 48083

26.In attempting to input a sale manually and following the Verifone process I receive a message that the transaction was ended with message “invalid client ID”. What can I do to fix this?
If you receive invalid client ID or invalid Merchant ID you will have to contact terminal support at 1-800-226-2273 ext 1200.

27.I recently started services with NorthAmerican. When are statements mailed out? Can I review my account on-line?If so what are the procedures?  You can view your information online at mybizperks.com

28.I’m in a building where I’m not getting a good connection on my Verifone 670, I’d like to swip the card and process it later. What are the steps?

First you must be inside the Credit/Debit Application.

Press the far left purple key until you see Store/Forward
Select Store/Forward by pressing the F1 Key

Three options should appear on the screen
-Send Store/Fwd (F1)
-Batch Review (F2)
-Store/Fwd Mode (F3)

Select Store/Fwd Mode (F3)
You will be presented with two options
-On (F1)
-Off (F2)

Select On by pressing F1
When successful the terminal will take you back to Sale, Check, Settlement, Void.

You can begin to run transactions at this point the card information will be stored.

When completed for the day and at a location with good signal strength return the the Store/Fwd Option.
Once inside the Store/Fwd Menu select “Send Store/Fwd” (F1)

The terminal will begin to process the transactions. Once complete it will ask you to batch. Also at this point some transactions may be rejected (declined).

29.What is my “Bank Number” when doing a voice approval
Your “Bank Number” can very.

New accounts should on the Global NDC East platform should start 088290XXXXXX and have a “Bank ID” of 025900
Older accounts on the Global NDC East platform should start 0882900XXXXX and may have a “Bank ID” of 018900

30.I need to changer the paper in our VX510, must I use thermal paper only?
The Vx510 only uses thermal paper.

31.why does the heading on my reciepts and settlement reports say “demo” ?
If your receipts and settlement say “demo” on them your terminal is currently in “Demo Mode”.

You will not be able to process any live transactions or settlements in this mode. Any sales or settlements will only go through as tests.
Also, they do not reach are authorization and settlement servers.

In order to sign up for G@A Access you will need to speak with customer care at 1-800-226-2273 ext 1300.

The “PP Not Connected error” means the terminal is not detecting the pin pad.

34.What does RAD FAIL mean on my Nurit 8000?
RAD FAIL/RADIO FAIL means the terminal is not receiving a connection to the wireless towers.

35.I have Vx670 and it’s offline how do I get back on line?
To disable store and forward on a Vx670:

Press the purple more key until your screen reads Store/Forward
Select Store/Fwd with F1
Select Store/Fwd Mode with F3
Select Off with F3

**Note Make sure to upload any offline transactions you may have**
While in the Store and Forward menu…
Select Send Store/Fwd with F1

36.How do I type in a customers billing address on a VX670?
To type in a customer billing address on the Vx670 simply type in the numbers to their location.

IE: 213 Main St. will be typed in as 213.

You do not need to type in the name of the street only the number.

37.How do I close the batch on VX^&)
To close your batch on the Vx670 press the “F-key” next to the word “settlement”.
The terminal will show your totals and refunds.
You will be prompted to press the Enter key to confirm the settlement amounts.
Once you press “Enter” the terminal will begin to send the settlement information.

38.I’m using touchtone capture until my machine arrives. What does cvv2/cvc2/cid value mean? Also, what are transaction codes 12, 13 and what does AVS mean. Any list of codes or anymore information that you can provide would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

CVV2: Card Verification Value
CVC2: Card Verification Code

These are the three digit codes printed on the back of credit cards.

Note that American Express will have a four digit code on the front of the card.

Transaction Code 12 is for Sale “Card not present”. This transaction will prompt you for extra information such as the street number, zip code, and CVV2.

Transaction Code 13 is Authorization Only. This code simply verifies the card to see if funds are available for use. If you process with this code you will have to be mindful and write down the authorization code that is provided for later use. Once you obtain the authorization code the next step is to run transaction code 3 “Ticket Only”.

Transaction Code 3: The Ticket Only option is used when you have an authorization/approval code for a transaction. These are usually obtained through Transaction Code 13 or if you have ran a sale, but your bank account was not credited for that sale.

However, you should always verify with Terminal Support when to use Transaction Code 13 and 3.

39.how long does charging my VX670 take and how long does it last when fully charged. There is a flashing light to the left of the screen; does this mean it is charging?
It takes a full 8 hours to charge the battery. It should last 16 hours (stand-by) depending on how many sales you run. If you are running multiple sales one after another the battery will deplete faster.

The light left of the screen has a few different meanings; charging, charged, low battery, paper out.

Program Error

41.how do you turn the vx670 wireless off?
Hold down the Red Cancel key for about five seconds to power off the terminal.

42.How do I choose a debit payment on my Verifone Vx510 instead of a credit payment?
The card must be present for a debit sale.
After swiping the card select the Debit option with the corresponding F-key on the right hand side of the screen.
If you do not have a choice of credit or debit the terminal has not been configured to take debit cards.

43.what size printer paper i have in the v670
38 mm diameter thermal paper roll

44.Is my Hypercon T7P in PCI compliance?

However, an external pin pad is required to process debit.

Hypercom Pin Pad 1300.

45.I have the Verifon Vx670 and I want to eliminate the 30 day refund that is printed on the bottom of the receipt. How do I do this?

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