Global Payments Purchasing @dvantage PC Plus Provide support for all levels of purchasing cards with Purchasing @dvantage PC Plus
  Global Transport-VT with Signature Capture is a secure virtual terminal solution for processing all major credit, debit, and EBT cards.
  Global Transport-Microsoft Dynamics RMS Plug-in Eliminate the need for software changes, plus support multi-lane terminals and more with Global Transport – Microsoft Dynamics RMS Plug-in.
  Global Transport-QuickBooks Pro Plug-In Expands your businesses payment processing solutions by utilizing the plug-in support for Intuit QuickBooks Pro with Global Transport-QuickBooks Pro Plug-In.
  BIG Batch is ideal in mail order/telephone order and recurring payment environments where face-to-face payment processing is not required.

What Makes Us Different?

Clear Pay knows that every merchant account is different, which is why we provide credit card processing solutions that can be tailored for any business type.

EMV Deadline

oct15 Discover how the liability shift on October 1, 2015 affects your business and how you can help protect yourself from liability exposure. VISA LIABILITY DOC