Give Your Business a Lift With Gift Cards

Give Your Business a Lift With Gift Cards

Reviewing your holiday sales and looking for ways to amp it up next year?

Gift cards are the #1 selling product Thanksgiving to Christmas. In additon, gift cards increase foot and click traffic!

Their true power lies in referral. It takes two to create a gift card transaction. The buyer who purchases the card. The recipient who gets the card as a gift. Both players in this transaction are potential long term customer for you.

Gift cards increase sales…more than half of the customers spend more than the card. An item that they may have been considering may now be more affordable with a gift card covering a portion of the price.

Need more reasons to offer gift cards:

• Gift Cards outsell paper gift certificates 9 to 1.
• Consumers love them.
• Promote customer loyalty and introduce new people to your business.
• Great advertising tool.
• Perfect for counter impulse item.
• Increase your prepaid sales and eliminate cash returns.
• Recipient of the gift turn into repeat customers.

It’s never too early to reveiw this sales season and begin to prepare for the next. Talk to your merchant services provider about the ability to offer gift cards. Gift cards accounted for $23 billion in sales during the 2010 holiday season. More than 20% of the average holiday shoppers budget. Isn’t it time you begin to offer this service to your customers.

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