Successful Trade Associations work because they provide their members great benefits. One of the best benefits they provide is a discount on a needed product or service, and no one has a better Trade Association discount program then ClearPay.

Consider becoming one of our Trade Association Partners. It’s easy, and best of all, ClearPay offers a win, win scenario. Your members get highly competitve processing rates, and your Trade Association gets significant referral commission to help fund further activities. Just refer ClearPay’s electronic payment solutions to your members.

The ClearPay Trade Association program:

• Program is flexible to grow as our partnership grows

• Provides upfront payments

• Bonuses available for converting customers

• Can include fixed monthly residual payments

• Dedicated Relationship Manager

Become a part of our winning team. Contact us today to set up a Trade Association Partnership.

What Makes Us Different?

Clear Pay knows that every merchant account is different, which is why we provide credit card processing solutions that can be tailored for any business type.

EMV Deadline

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