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E-Commerce Solutions with

We have the online payment processing solutions to help your internet business prosper. With the latest software technology designed to interface seamlessly with your local networks and other systems, we strive to make accepting payments safe, fast, and simple. Whether you’re a small web boutique or a larger brick and mortar company that also sells online, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

How We Can Help
If you’re not offering quick and easy online credit card processing, you’re likely losing business. At ClearPay we know that your potential customers are just one click away from heading to another site if they hit a snag while checking out on yours. That’s why we ensure you can provide customers a secure, PCI-compliant, professional, and seamless payment processing experience. When you partner with ClearPay for online credit card processing, you’ll provide a reliable and trusted interaction for all online visitors.

Virtual Terminals
We have a broad selection of online payment processing systems to offer you. And these systems can do it all, so we’ll match you with the one does what you need. From credit and debit cards, to one-time or recurring billing, and sending or receiving invoices - our systems are versatile. ClearPay offers a variety of online payment processing terminals many of which integrate with other software, such as QuickBooks, making bookkeeping easy. We’ll work with you to find a comprehensive fit for all your business’ online payment needs.

With ClearPay virtual terminals you’ll be able to:

  • Process electronic checks, gift cards, and all major credit and debit cards
  • Receive next-day deposits
  • Monitor payments through your website
  • Prevent fraud with value-added products and built-in security tools
  • Manage risks by storing sensitive data on a PCI-compliant data center instead of your computer
  • Hold internet auctions
  • Add a simple payment or donation button

Safe, Secure Payment Solutions
Safety is key, especially when it comes to online payment processing. Keeping purchases efficient and hassle-free is vital whether in the form of a card, check, or ACH payment. Protecting your customers from fraud and yourself from liability is also integral to a proper payment processing system.

Reliable, Friendly Support
It’s not often you get access to technical support anytime night or day, but you do with ClearPay. Not only can you contact our support team any time, but we pride ourselves on a friendly approach and building relationship with our merchants. We strive to offer you superior customer service because we value you and we’re here to help.

Don’t risk missing payments and losing customers with messy online terminals. Partner with ClearPay today to keep things simple and make payment processing easy!

    ClearPay merchants enjoy these benefits:

  • Processing for all major payment processing brands
  • Real-time processing and fast authorizations
  • 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
  • Next day access to funds
  • Customized industry-specific solutions
  • PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions