Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments with

Contactless payments are another wave of the future. Customers can make a secure payment transaction in seconds by simply holding a contactless credit card or their NFC-enabled smartphone over an enabled terminal. As a retailer, accepting these safe and speedy payments can help keep your business moving forward at the pace of modern technology.

As the quickest form of payment out there, millions of consumers the world over already use contactless cards, with NFC (near field communication) smartphone payments from apps such as Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay also on the rise. With just a tap, consumers will be able to easily download gift cards or coupons on their mobile phones, or make a simple payment from a credit card. At ClearPay, we’ll help you offer another accepted payment method with contactless payment enabled point-of-sale equipment.

When a customer uses the NFC payment method on their phone, their information is securely transmitted over the air (OTA) with a unique, one-time digital signature that’s difficult to forge. All the while, the info is safely stored on their smartphones using cryptographic authentication and wireless communication technologies.

Contactless cards are equally safe as chip cards when used as a form of payment. Similar to NFC smartphone payments, the information is passed in a secure way, safeguarding you from fraud liability.

These contactless payment methods are highly secure and, not unlike EMV, accepting them helps protect you as the merchant!

Consumers are ready to make contactless payments, be ready to accept them with ClearPay.

    ClearPay merchants enjoy these benefits:

  • Processing for all major payment processing brands
  • Real-time processing and fast authorizations
  • 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
  • Next day access to funds
  • Customized industry-specific solutions
  • PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions