Checks/ACH with

Check Services
For business owners, check payment processing can get complicated, but ClearPay keeps things simple so you can:

  • Accept checks as quickly and easily as credit cards
  • Reduce deposit time and get payments faster
  • Eliminate non-sufficient funds transactions
  • Convert checks into e-documents

Our equipment simplifies check payments by allowing you to convert them into secure electronic documents for easier, more accurate record keeping. And you’ll enjoy guaranteed payment, which makes your customers’ checks good as gold.

Even in the digital age, some consumers still prefer using paper checks as a payment method. This method can often be time-consuming and runs the risk of non-sufficient funds. You’ll find that’s not so with ClearPay! Contact us to find the right check cashing services solution for you so you can rest easy!

ACH Payment Processing Services
ACH stands for, automated clearing house. They are an electronic funds-transfer system run by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). Often referred to as e-checks, ACH payments are used for payroll, direct deposits, consumer bills, tax payments and refunds, and more.

With ClearPay, you can receive payments directly from your customer’s checking account with ACH payment. We make all ACH payments easy to process, adding another convenient option for your customers!

Why accept ACH payments?

  • Great for recurring payments
  • Reduce processing time
  • Offer customers another reliable payment option

Now there’s no need to turn away a customer’s payment. Whether you accept check payments, credit card payments or any other form of non-cash payment, ClearPay has the merchant account payment solutions you need to succeed. That’s because ClearPay has the experience and expertise, backed by superior service and dedicated one-on-one support to help your business prosper.

We’ll work with you to add checks and ACH to your accepted payment methods, helping you stay a step ahead of the competition!

    ClearPay merchants enjoy these benefits:

  • Processing for all major payment processing brands
  • Real-time processing and fast authorizations
  • 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
  • Next day access to funds
  • Customized industry-specific solutions
  • PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions