E-Commerce has always been impacted by payment options. ClearPay offers today’s latest, greatest online billing tools, and we’re ready to outfit your digital selling experience. Every merchant account is different, and every business deserves customizable solutions. Whether you’re outfitting a current e-Commerce buying experience or creating a new one, you should know about today’s best options.


Versatile Billing

ClearPay offers comprehensive online payment options. From one-time-only purchases to recurrent billing, our electronic checkout options put the customer first. We’ll work alongside your e-Commerce goals, integrating your strategy into your industry’s most lucrative selling tactics. Fully integrated with other software, like QuickBooks, ClearPay makes digital bookkeeping easy. Now, you can establish ongoing payment processing options with your business’s most important customers.


Fraud and Liability Protection

The world of digital buying is expensive, but it’s also dangerous. Safety is key, and online payment processing options need to maintain a certain degree of protection to remain effective. Hassle-free, efficient purchases are vital, whether you’re charging via check, card or ACH payment. By taking advantage of ClearPay’s high-tier digital security options, you’ll be one of the market’s safest e-Commerce providers around.


B2B Accessibility

Too often, businesses fail to tap into the B2B world. Now, however, options exist to create seamless business-to-business transfer options. Accept debit cards, checks and major credit cards, and give your B2B vendors a reason to choose you. Issue invoices and checks, and use PCI-compliant equipment to secure long-lasting relationships. Offering 24/7 technical support and payroll management solutions, ClearPay keeps things running as you browse for new clients.


Gift and Loyalty Programs

Why should you settle for basic buying options? ClearPay’s gift and loyalty programs can redefine your brand’s selling experience. Increase your revenue, build customer loyalty and implement an in-depth loyalty program your buyers will love. Give them a reason to return, and make strategic advancements in your market’s most competitive corners. By giving discounts, mobile-linked buying options and returning buyer benefits, you can assure a high degree of reliability, consistency and care.


ClearPay has serviced countless businesses in the past, offering fully flexible, customizable payment processing solutions. Your business’s e-Commerce angle is vital to its success, and we’re capable of underlining its best opportunities. Whether you’re focusing on payment options, mobile integration or e-Commerce product options, having a reliable provider helps. Get more options, and gain more traction in your industry. Contact a ClearPay provider today, and access custom-tailored business solutions.