The term “virtual terminal” is a catch-all phrase that describes the many ways to process an online or mobile transaction. The term comes from the analogy to the physical retail space. When using a physical credit or debit card for a transaction, the store clerk swipes it through a device called a terminal in order to process the transaction.


A virtual terminal achieves the same processing functions; however, without using the same type of physical device. For example, there are payment processing solutions that can be accessed using any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.


Options for Virtual Terminals

The array of choices and technological solutions for virtual terminals that are used to conduct online transactions is astonishing. It is also a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to use.


Here are some explanations of the general choices available:

●        Online shopping cart solutions to process transactions made on websites.

●        Accepting payments over the telephone.

●        Tiny card-reading devices that attach to a mobile smartphone.

●        Accepting payments from customers in other countries that are made in foreign currency.

●        Integration, support, and detailed reporting for online catalogs.

●        Processing credit and debit card payments using any computer or mobile device with an internet connection without needing special equipment or software.


Online Shopping Cart Systems

There are over 200 different online shopping cart systems supported by the technology used by ClearPay Wisconsin to help its clients, including those that offer multilingual and multi-currency payment options.


There are payment gateway solutions for every type of merchant account with fraud protection and fraud prevention tools that help to reduce chargebacks. These systems allow business to optimize costs and improve the efficiency of operations.


It is possible to manage multiple merchant accounts with seamless QuickBooks integration, which saves time and money by reducing the need for data entry. It is easy to set up recurring billing and to automatically schedule reports.


Clients of ClearPay Wisconsin choose the shopping cart solution that they think will be best for their business and ClearPay Wisconsin can set up the appropriate payment processing system. ClearPay Wisconsin can give helpful advice in this area including customized solutions and integration with inventory management systems.


This is why it is very beneficial to work with ClearPay Wisconsin. As one of the top payment processing service providers in America, we know the technology intimately and can make the best recommendations for your business.


B2B or B2C eCommerce merchants who need credit card, debit/EBT, and/or checks/ACH processing through virtual terminals and via wireless mobile solutions should contact ClearPay Wisconsin right away for an in-depth evaluation and helpful recommendation.