Mobile payments are quickly becoming the more important segment of the payment processing universe. The deployment of smartphones has been astounding, especially in countries that do not have advanced technology or the economic resources to support a personal computer in every home.

Capture Your Share of the Mobile Payment Market

The smartphone is now the substitute for a computer in many parts of the world. Even in developed nations, the smartphone has become such an integral part of contemporary life that virtually all the transactions of importance occur using a smartphone. This means for merchants, retailers, and anyone accepting electronic payments, they need to have mobile technology payments enabled.

Recent Statistics Show this Trend is Huge!

Bloomberg reported that the estimates by eMarketer show that the total value of transactions made simply by using a smartphone and tapping into an in-store terminal will reach $210 billion per year in 2019. This is a twenty-fold increase up from $8.7 billion in 2015.

Mobile Payments Become the New Standard

Pew Trusts reports that about forty-six percent of U.S. consumers make mobile payments. This is a population of about 114 million adults.

For vendors that concentrate so heavily on attracting customers to buy stuff from them, the mobile payment market is the opposite end of the transaction. It is about making it so convenient for any customer to pay for a transaction.

Digital Trends

The point of following these trends is to help the clients of ClearPay that is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to stay ahead of the trends. ClearPay is probably the most powerful credit card and transaction processing company in the Midwest. Existing clients rely on ClearPay to follow these trends and come up with terrific solutions in advance of any client even being able to consider them.

Who would have guessed, a decade ago, that mobile payments would be the main force in how businesses get money,

Clearpay stays on top of these trends and offers the most effective mobile payment solutions for every size of business. If you are a sole proprietor with a home-based business you can get payments by using your mobile phone when you visit clients. If you are a major international corporation with thousands of locations you can process millions of mobile payments using the Clearpay solutions.

Go Mobile or Lose Sales

It is important to understand that most all payment solutions are moving to now be mobile. The consumer is always on the go and they do not have the time to pay things in an old-fashioned way. They want to use their smartphone to make a payment by simply putting it in the proximity of the item they want to purchase. Additionally, many want to be able to make payments with a click and to use a smartphone to pay any bills that are due.

This is how the majority of payments associated with Clearpay will be made in the future.

Clearpay is already well-advanced in the area of mobile payment technology, so it is an industry leader providing the most advanced contemporary solutions. This makes ClearPay the choice for all merchants who want a new mobile payment solution to be possible.

Contact Clearpay today and see what mobile payment solutions they can offer to your business that will make your sales soar and your profits rise.