For businesses across Wisconsin, ClearPay has become a valuable resource for credit card processing solutions. No matter what type of merchant account you need, we provide you with the right resources and tools that are essential for processing all types of business transactions during your business’ hours of operation. Whether your business is in a major metropolitan area or out in the suburbs, you can process all financial transaction in a manner that is secure and fast.


As we help your business grow, you can, in turn, develop solid relationships with your customers as you expand your market throughout the state. With this idea in mind, we offer our Loyalty Program for you to take advantage of. There are several features and benefits included in the program that you’ll find useful once you join. It will give you an even greater appreciation of how ClearPay Wisconsin is supporting your business every day.


ClearPay: Working Behind the Scenes for Your Company

Once you join our Loyalty Program, we set up everything for you and provide you with all the tools you’ll need to be successful. The program can easily be added to your current retail merchant account. We then go over all the details with you so that you can understand how the program works and what type of benefits you can expect to see. Some of these benefits include:


Fine-Tune Your Customers Service. We give you a better understanding of your customers so that you can provide the services and produces that they are looking for. As you accommodate them, they will come to depend on you more.


Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line. We provide you with all tools and resources necessary as well as closely monitor your success. We also keep accurate records of all your accounting so that you don’t have to.


Your Customers’ Spending Habits. What are the most popular products or services you have to provide? ClearPay can break it down for you and let you know which products keep your customers walking through the door.


Expand Your Market. Are you looking restaurant solutions to keep patrons walking through the door? Let ClearPay help you by providing incentives that they will find irresistible.


Separate Yourself from the Pack. If you want to distinguish your business from your competitors, then we can help you by helping you improve your business image and profile.


Let ClearPay Help Your Be More Successful

ClearPay Wisconsin can help you take your business to the next level by adding you to our list of Loyalty Program members. You will start seeing the results almost immediately as your expand your customer base. To sign up, call us at 800-306-8457. We can help you with all your payment processing retail solutions.