As a business owner, you want to give your customers more than one option for payment methods. In order to accomplish this, it’s important to adhere to industry standards as well as Wisconsin State and Federal standards of security. Therefore, we have partnered with the leading EMV and chip companies on the market. These reputable companies deliver you efficient and secure payment processing technology that is flexible enough to accept more than one kind of payment. Below is a summary of each company.


ClearPay CPX Series

If you’re looking for dependable performance with industry-leading features, then we recommend the ClearPay CPX terminal. The CPX provides unmatched flexibility, but without sacrificing top-tier security. Our units provide GPRS, Ethernet, and dial-up connectivity, that won’t keep your customers waiting in line. You can use these terminals for both countertop use or personal use in your office.



Nurit has distinguished itself as the terminal that gives you the most options of any product out there. These products can accept a range of payments and application, but without the need for multiple platforms. Features include a chip card and magnet card reader, thermal printer, impressively high-speed mode, and pad for entering PIN numbers. What we love best about the Nurit, however, is the level of privacy that it offers both business owners and customers.



What separates Verifone terminals from all other is it’s amazing speed. Verifone products have the ability to process data quickly while sending your card information over a secure line. The terminals have a healthy memory capacity. This allows it to utilize additional applications that may not be available on other terminals. This gives business owners greater access to an endless array of options and features.


First Data FD Series

First Data offers a more cost-effective solution for small business owners or startups. What’s great about these terminals, however, is that you still get all the necessary applications to run your business. First Data is great for business owners who choose standard credit or debit cards as their primary payment method. It’s a simple approach to processing transactions.



Speaking of simplicity, we have always enjoyed the straightforward approach of Hypercom Terminals. Hypercom products are easy to setup. Business owners who don’t need all the options on other terminals will appreciate how user-friendly these terminals are. Existing certified business applications can be transferred to these terminals without changing a thing.


ClearPay, The Right Choice

ClearPay has firmly established itself as the leading credit card and payment processing provider in Wisconsin. We work with small and large businesses owners to help you establish a processing system that is right for you. Call us today at 800-306-8457, and let us help you with all your business solutions. We are Wisconsin’s leading payment provider.