If you own a business in Wisconsin, then you are one of thousands of business owners across the state who utilize our ClearPay payment processing system. To ensure that your account and all of your clients’ personal information is secure, we have exceeded the standards set by PCI. What is PCI and how does it benefit your business? Let’s take a closer look.


How Does PCI Help ClearPay?

PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the standard of security that applies to Wisconsin businesses both large and small. Since we are compliant with PCI standards and regulations, then we can provide payment process at the highest level of security in the industry. This gives you the freedom to accept all types of electronic payments (credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, etc.). It also gives us the ability to provide features for you such storing client payment and personal information while putting a hedge around all of your accounts.


PCI Goals That We Adhere To

It is important that you understand what the objectives and goals are and why ClearPay adheres to them as rigidly as possible. The goals as stated on the PCI website are as follows:


●        Build and maintain a secure network

●        Protect cardholder data

●        Maintain a vulnerability management program

●        Implement strong access control measures

●        Maintain an information security policy


PCI-Approved Equipment You Can Trust

ClearPay only utilizes PCI approved-equipment for processing your payments. Whether you are using hard equipment for swiping cards or entering information manually, or taking advantage of our online system, every component is secure and can be used for electronic transaction anywhere in Wisconsin or anywhere in the world!


Our equipment is also versatile so that you can set up payments just the way you need them. For businesses that store customer information, the ClearPay platform gives clients the convenience of updating their online account information without going through you. Users will appreciate both the safety and the convenience of the entire ClearPay system and all it has to offer.


Sign Up With ClearPay Wisconsin Today!

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