Every day more and more companies across Wisconsin are discovering the benefits of using ClearPay for processing their financial transactions. One of the greatest advantages to utilizing our technology is that you’ll save time. Here’s how:


Say Goodbye to Paper

Flipping through files and digging through stacks of paper is a time-consuming chore. In today’s business world, the use of paper is often seen as an inconvenience as well as an archaic method for transferring and storing information. ClearPayWI helps business owners find paperless solutions for nearly every type of merchant service they provide. Whether you’re looking to set up virtual payment processing or offer online merchant access, you can make it happen without paper!


Go Mobile!

No matter what type of business you are running, you are more likely to build a loyal customer-base by simply allowing your clients to make financial transactions over their wireless devices. ClearPay can set up a merchant service that can utilized smartphones, tablets, or computers. In just a few clicks, your customers can access your products or services with no hassle whatsoever.


Go Online

Customers are always searching for the most time-saving features and devices on the internet. Why not help them by setting up a ClearPayWI merchant account? ClearPayWI gives you options, which you can pass on to anyone visiting your website. Our eCommerce solutions help both business owners and their client base every single day by reducing the amount of steps it takes to purchase a product or hire for a service. The less time it takes to complete a transaction, the greater the chances of a consumer seeing it through to the very end.


Simplify the Process of Receiving Payments

With ClearPayWI, you can now receive premium payments directly from your clients as well as brokerages. ClearPayWI is specially designed to help you handle all types of transactions regardless of what type of industry you are in. ClearPayWI transfers funds from your client’s designated financial institution. Payments can automatically be set up on a routine basis or per transaction. Custom reports can be sent as needed or automatically scheduled as well.


Get Started with ClearPay Today!

Are you ready to save time and take your financial transactions to the next level? Then contact ClearPayWI today. We offer a wide array of products and services that will help you send and receive money every single day. Call us at 800-306-8457! We are Wisconsin’s payment processing solution specialists!