Today, the virtual terminal is one of a business owner’s most valuable resources. It’s a web version of highly used credit card terminals. It can be used for point-of-sale transactions, but it uses online software applications. Normally powered by a business’s service provider, a virtual terminal can be accessed anywhere—not just the store. Virtual terminals can completely evolve a business environment. Below, we’re covering how.


You Control the Transaction Process

Unlike other terminals, virtual terminals give the business owner complete control over the transaction process. Customers might be able to access the virtual terminal’s interface, but they’re unable to access a terminal’s deeper actions and mechanics. So, it’s easy to control transactions on the business end of things.


Virtual Terminals are Great for Recurring Payments

By using a virtual terminal, you can expand your business’s services to accommodate for recurring payments. Unlike their POS counterparts, virtual terminals can conduct multiple sales at preset times. For this reason, they’re great tools for recurring payments. Instead of asking customers to manually pay multiple times, you can ask them to establish a simple, ongoing payment procedure.


They’re Great for Smartphone Payments

In addition to PC-based browsers, virtual terminals can be used on small screens. In 2017, buying accessibility matters. Assuming a screen is big enough to view, it’s big enough to handle a virtual terminal. A lot of small businesses use tablets and smartphones for quick, on-the-spot payments. They’re well-versed in the buying process, and they’re often outfitted with a variety of payment options via small screens.


They’re Great for Freelancing

Even established business operators hop into the freelancing world from time to time. Whether you’re bringing your work home, expanding your entrepreneurial abilities or are making a fundraising campaign, you owe yourself a little adaptability. Virtual terminals give you access to mail, phone, and email-based payment options. As a result, they’re perfect for freelancing opportunities.


At ClearPay WI, we are able to help you tailor your payments solutions to your businesses needs. Take advantage of convenient payment options, and give your customers a reason to come back. Virtual terminals provide unbeatable accessibility, and they're becoming increasingly popular. Small, medium and even large-sized businesses are taking advantage of tablet payments, seamless transactions, and ongoing payment options. If you're not aboard the modern payment boat, you might get left at sea. Take advantage of virtual terminal payments today, and make sure your business is secure from the ground up. To learn more about how we can customize your payment solutions give us a call at 800-306-8457 or visit us online.