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Wireless Mobile Payments

5 Terminal Options From ClearPayWI

ClearPayWI partners with the best companies in the business to offer you multiple terminal solutions for your business.

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How Your Company Can Save Time Using ClearPayWI

Every day more and more companies across Wisconsin are discovering the benefits of using ClearPay for processing their financial transactions. One of the greatest advantages to utilizing our technology is that you’ll save time. Here’s how:

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Why Real-Time Processing and Hospitality Go Hand in Hand

The world of hospitality is a big one, but real-time processing has made it more tight-knit. Here at ClearPay, we believe flexible, customized payment solutions make the world go around. When it comes to reservations, check-outs, and comfortable experiences, in-depth payment solutions are king.

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Virtual Terminals Solutions for Every Business

The term “virtual terminal” is a catch-all phrase that describes the many ways to process an online or mobile transaction. The term comes from the analogy to the physical retail space. When using a physical credit or debit card for a transaction, the store clerk swipes it through a device called a terminal in order to process the transaction.

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Improvements in Customer Identification Through the Use of Biometrics

Fraud statistics are shocking. In the United States, 46% of credit card holders have been a victim of fraud within the past five years. The Nilson Report estimates that worldwide losses were more than the equivalent of US$24 billion during 2016. This figure was an increase of 12% from the previous year.

Card-not-present transactions are still very vulnerable to fraud; however, transactions, where the customer presents the physical card in order to make a purchase, are getting a new boost in security through biometrics.

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Payments on the Go! - Grab Your Share of the Expanding Market for Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are quickly becoming the more important segment of the payment processing universe. The deployment of smartphones has been astounding, especially in countries that do not have advanced technology or the economic resources to support a personal computer in every home.

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    ClearPay merchants enjoy these benefits:

  • Processing for all major payment processing brands
  • Real-time processing and fast authorizations
  • 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
  • Next day access to funds
  • Customized industry-specific solutions
  • PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions