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EMV Terminal Solutions

How to Choose an Electronic Payment Gateway and Credit Card Processing Solution

You may be thinking about starting a new company or be hired to oversee the startup of a new division. Perhaps you are tasked to upgrade your credit card processing system. You go online to learn more about the state-of-the-art solutions and immediately get overwhelmed. Your success in business and/or your job depends on understanding enough information in order to feel confident that you are able to make a competent decision about the credit card processing technology.

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Using EMV Compliant Terminals for Fraud Reduction

If you are a retailer you are already in the process of converting all your card processing terminals to become EMV compliant. If not, you should be. The use of EMV compliant technology is now mandatory for any retailer because any false or fraudulent charges are now going to be charge-backs to the retailers if they are not EMV compliant.

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    ClearPay merchants enjoy these benefits:

  • Processing for all major payment processing brands
  • Real-time processing and fast authorizations
  • 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
  • Next day access to funds
  • Customized industry-specific solutions
  • PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions